Theatre dyybuk’s reading of Bronx Express (Cosponsored Event)

Hop on board a raucous, timely, and biting comedy about capitalism and cultural identity. As a man buys into the alluring and ephemeral notion of the American Dream, he goes on a journey through a surreal landscape made up of commercial icons, seductive in their simplicity. A dramatic reading by the same acclaimed company that […]

The Joshua Generation: How David Ben-Gurion and his Political Successors Read the Biblical Book of Conquest

In the name of enshrining the Bible as the central text in Israeli life, Israeli Prime Minister Ben-Gurion convened a study group at his residence dedicated to interpreting the book of Joshua. The study group participants asserted that the true meaning of the Bible could only be unlocked by Jews living in their ancient homeland. […]

Jewish Identity in Works of German-Jewish Women Writers (Multiple Dates)

Series will discuss works of Jewish women writers and explore how and why authors have expressed themselves through different genres and styles (poems, short stories, novellas, novels, plays). It will examine how contemporary Jewish women authors create structurally and linguistically innovative texts to study various meanings of female Jewish identity. RENATA FUCHS (UCLA)

Community and Continuity – 6th Annual ucLADINO Symposium

March 1-2, 2017 306 & 314 Royce Hall, UCLA Download Full Schedule Conference URL: SPONSORED BY THE: UCLA Alan D. Leve Center for Jewish Studies UCLA Department of Spanish & Portuguese COSPONSORED BY: UCLA Student Organizations, Leadership, and Engagement (SOLE) UCLA Graduate Students Association UCLA Department of History UCLA Maurice Amado Program in Sephardic […]

100 Years of Garment Work in LA: An International Women’s Day Celebration

Beginning in 1907, when a group of Jewish tailors organized the city’s first branch of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union (ILGWU), continuing today in the work of the Garment Workers Center, immigrant women have played a leading role in the struggle to rid Los Angeles of sweatshops. This afternoon of multilingual music, art, and […]

Anti-Prophecy in the Poetry of H.N. Bialik

Though H.N. Bialik knew the biblical Prophets in the Hebrew virtually by heart and could compose poetry in letter-perfect biblical Hebrew that would have been entirely intelligible to the Prophets themselves, his notion of the poet as prophet actually came to him from an iconic Russian poem by Pushkin, “The Prophet,” based on Isaiah 6. […]

Jewish Salonica: Between the Ottoman Empire and Modern Greece

How did the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of modern Greece impact the largest Sephardic Jewish community in the world? Drawing on newly discovered archival materials in Ladino, Greek, Hebrew, and French to demonstrate how the Jews of Salonica (Thessaloniki), sought to transform themselves from Ottoman Jews into Hellenic Jews during the […]

Memory and Continuity of the Southern Italian Jewish Legacy

Lecture looks at the history of Apulian Jewish culture and its major intellectual achievements in the late Middle Ages and also concentrates on written and oral testimonies of former Jewish refugees, who at the very end of WWII resided in the United Nations transit camps that were established in the region of Apulia. In this […]

Divine Law and Community Boundaries in Jewish Antiquity

In late antiquity, two radically distinct conceptions of divine law—Greek natural law grounded in reason and biblical law grounded in revelation—confronted one another with a force that reverberates to the present. This talk explores these responses and highlights their role in creating and maintaining distinct communities in the world of late antique Judaism. CHRISTINE HAYES […]

The Yiddish Historians of the Holocaust and the Prewar Tradition of Yiddish Historical Scholarship

The first Jewish historians of the Holocaust pioneered the study of the Holocaust from the perspective of Jewish experience. They also redefined the concept of Jewish resistance. Overlooked, argues Smith, is that the works of these historians are united by a shared commitment to writing in Yiddish and to a research agenda arising from the […]

Jewish Visual Culture in the Mediterranean Basin

What motifs, themes, and tendencies have characterized the visual expression of Mediterranean Jews across the centuries? What religious meanings have they conveyed or experiences stimulated? And what relationships do they reflect with surrounding cultures and religions? These are among the questions to be addressed in this symposium. DANIEL STEIN KOKIN (UCLA/Universität Greifswald) STEVEN FINE (Yeshiva […]

Oscar Wilde and the Jews

Talk addresses aspects of Wilde’s philo- and anti-Semitism, in relation to such figures as the French tragedienne Sarah Bernhardt, the English novelist Ada Leverson, and the victimized French officer Alfred Dreyfus. JOSEPH BRISTOW (UCLA) Cosponsored by the UCLA Department of English UCLA Department of French and Francophone Studies UCLA Department of Comparative Literature

Imaginative Engagement: Women of the Hebrew Bible in After Abel and Other Stories

Vividly reimagined with startling contemporary clarity, this debut collection of short stories gives voice to silent, often-marginalized biblical women: their ambitions, their love for their children, their values, their tremendous struggles, and their challenges. MICHAL LEMBERGER (Author) Cosponsored by the UCLA Department of English UCLA Department of History

The Making of Austro-Modernism

This talk is an introduction to Perloff’s new book Edge of Irony: Modernism in the Shadow of the Habsburg Empire (2016) and makes the case for a distinctive Austro-Modernism in the period between the two World Wars—a modernism that has its own particular ethos, different from that of the Weimar Republic in Germany as well […]

Racial Photography as Scientific Evidence

Foregoing the political lens through which we usually look back at racial photography, this talk returns racial photography into the history of science and addresses it as a form of scientific evidence. Morris-Reich reconstructs individual cases, conceptual genealogies, and patterns of practice of the use of photography and photographic techniques for the study of “race” […]