From Brooklyn Ave to Cesar Chavez: Exhibition Opening and Celebration


Celebrate the summer installation of the exhibition, From Brooklyn Ave. to Cesar Chavez at the Breed Street Shul, take in musical performances, and enjoy refreshments from local vendors. Focused on a single street, this physical and digital exhibition explores  Jewish histories in multiethnic Boyle Heights, and reveals the urban, social, economic, and cultural changes inscribed […]

At 2:00 pm
Breed Street Shul, 247 N. Breed Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Shadows of the 20th Century: Ophuls Film Festival


  Marcel Ophuls is best known for his documentary films dealing with the atrocities of WWII. From Munich or Peace in Our Time (1967) to Hotel Terminus (Academy Award 1989), the filmmaker has returned many times to the dark pages of 20th century history with unanswered philosophical and ethical questions. The film festival will set […]

At 12:00 am

Racial Photography as Scientific Evidence


Foregoing the political lens through which we usually look back at racial photography, this talk returns racial photography into the history of science and addresses it as a form of scientific evidence. Morris-Reich reconstructs individual cases, conceptual genealogies, and patterns of practice of the use of photography and photographic techniques for the study of “race” […]

At 4:00 pm
314 Royce Hall