Cosponsored Event: Aaron Rubin – The Relationship of Egyptian and Semitic

It has long been known that the ancient Egyptian language is related to the Semitic language family, but the details of this relationship are still not fully understood. In this lecture, we will look at the major similarities (and differences) of the two language groups, including topics in phonology, morphology, and the lexicon, with an […]

Justin Akers Chacón – Radicals in the Barrio

Author Justin Akers Chacón will present a lecture on his new book, Radicals in the Barrio: Magonistas, Socialists, Wobblies, and Communists in the Mexican-American Working Class, a comprehensive study of the long and rich history of political radicalism within the Mexican and Chicano working class in the United States. Chacón documents the ways that migratory […]

EVENT CANCELED Cosponsored Event: Oren Kosansky – Mahia on the Market: On the History of a Moroccan Jewish Commodity

EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELED   Averroës Lecture Series Oren Kosansky (Lewis & Clark College) Monday, October 22, 2018 5:00 PM Room 1314, UCLA School of Law   Sponsored by the UCLA Center for Near Eastern Studies Cosponsored by UCLA Alan D. Leve Center for Jewish Studies

Cosponsored Event: Omri Asscher – Translation as a Bridge? Ideological Encounters between Israeli & American Jewish Cultures

The Hebrew translation and reception of literary works by Jewish-American writers, and the English translation of works by Israeli authors, constitute particularly interesting junctures between the two major Jewish cultures of our time. Each culture was confronted in this way with an often competing concept of Jewish identity, and divergent representation of contemporary Jewish existence, […]

Cosponsored Event: Global Histories of German Literature

The notion of global history has recently garnered much attention across the humanities, drawing inspiration from innovative, interdisciplinary scholarships in comparative literature, postcolonial and global studies, and digital humanities. Yet, there does not exist a single study, either comprehensive or selective, that explores this conceptual, methodological, and historical framework in relation to German literature. Is […]

Cosponsored Event: Yuval Gadot – Israel and the Samaria Highlands: A Nomad Settlement Wave or Urban Expansion during the Early Iron Age?

The early Iron Age, between 1200 and 1000 B.C.E., witnessed a wave of settlements in the highlands of Israel, mostly in Samaria but also in the Upper Galilee and Judah. This wave is traditionally associated with the genesis of ancient Israel and is interpreted in light of the collapse of Canaanite urban centers at the […]

Shira Klein – A Place in the Sun: Italian Jews and the Colonization of Africa

For four decades (1890s-1930s), Italian Jews strongly approved of their country’s colonizing enterprise. Throughout Italy’s expansion to Somalia, Eritrea, Libya, and Ethiopia, Italian Jews lent their support. But the act of colonizing challenged their comfortable dual identity, namely, their ability to be both Italian and Jewish. The empire pitted Italian colonizers and colonized African Jews […]

Andrew Berns – ‘The Foundation of the World:’ the Ecological Ideas of Post-Expulsion Spanish Jews in Italy and the Ottoman Empire

In the wake of their banishment from Spain in 1492, after nearly 1500 years on Iberian soil, how did Spanish Jews think about land and the natural world? My talk explores how Sephardic Jews developed their ideas about the proper use (and improper abuse) of land. From safe havens in Italy and the Ottoman Empire, […]

Aomar Boum and Sarah Abrevaya Stein – The Holocaust and North Africa

Join us to celebrate the release of The Holocaust and North Africa, edited by Leve Center faculty Professors Aomar Boum and Sarah Abrevaya Stein. The Holocaust is usually understood as a European story. Yet, this pivotal episode unfolded across North Africa and reverberated through politics, literature, memoir, and memory—Muslim as well as Jewish—in the post-war […]