Mapping Jewish L.A.

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The UCLA Alan D. Leve Center for Jewish Studies is working with the UCLA Library and the Department of Special Collections and other community archives to locate, identify, and describe the Jewish materials hidden within these collections and create a portal into them with digital technologies that encourage further exploration, research, and community engagement. By applying the innovative web platforms Scalar and HyperCities, Mapping Jewish Los Angeles uses maps, timelines, images, videos, and music to captures Los Angeles’ vibrant Jewish community.

With support from the Sady Kahn Foundation, and the participation of students, scholars, institutions, and other partners, Mapping Jewish LA offers insight into previously hidden areas of Jewish history in Los Angeles, including the murals of Hugo Ballin, Los Angeles Jewish grocers, the contributions of Iranian Jews to the city, and how prior to the discovery of a cure, tuberculosis led to the establishment of preeminent healthcare institutions.

We are also interested in accessing new and hidden pools of historical materials that can deepen our understanding of Los Angeles’ Jewish past and encourage scholarly research that utilizes them. If you have materials you would like to share, contact