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March 14-15, 2018
314 Royce Hall, UCLA

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UCLA Alan D. Leve Center for Jewish Studies
UCLA Department of Spanish & Portuguese
UCLA Student Organizations, Leadership, and Engagement (SOLE)
UCLA Graduate Students Association
UCLA Department of History
UCLA Maurice Amado Program in Sephardic Studies

ucLADINO Director:
Max Modiano Daniel

About ucLADINO:
ucLADINO is a student-run organization at the University of California, Los Angeles, dedicated to promoting the knowledge and use of the Judeo- Spanish language(s). Judeo-Spanish evolved in the Ottoman Empire and North Africa, among other regions, after the expulsion of the Sephardim from the Iberian Peninsula. Today, it demonstrates the influence of many languages, including Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, French, and Italian. Because Los Angeles is home to the second largest Sephardic community in the United States, ucLADINO is able to draw from rich local resources and collaborate with community members on weekly workshops and special events. To learn more about our komunitika, please visit, or email us at

Keynote speakers:

David M. Bunis (Hebrew University)

Adriana Brodsky (St. Mary’s College of Maryland)


Judeo-Spanish (also known as Ladino and Judezmo) is a language that evolved upon the expulsion of the Jews of Spain in 1492 and the movement of Sephardim into various parts of the Ottoman Empire and North Africa.

ucLADINO is one of the only student organizations at a university outside of Israel dedicated to learning and teaching about the Judeo-Spanish language. The organization is co-sponsored by the Center for Jewish Studies as well as the Spanish and Portuguese Department at UCLA. Undergraduate and graduate students of ANY department are invited.  For more information about meetings, classes and programs contact

Pictured above are participants in the 2014ucLADINO Symposium, Preservation and Revitalization.